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New England Bridal Affair donates 10% of their proceeds to Supportive Care Domestic Abuse.

Supportive Care has been providing services to the Merrimack Valley area since 1983. They are a multi-service agency that provides an array of community services.

Supportive Care Domestic Violence Program began in 1994. It was founded by Julrene McCarter who believed that there should be a world where women are safe from violence and abuse in their homes and communities. Supportive Care Is committed to helping women and their families gain independence and live without the fear of violence. Visit

Fashionable fundraiser: Oct. 8 event to benefit domestic violence victims Oct. 8 event to benefit domestic violence victims

By Rosemary Ford

New York has its fashion week. Boston has one of its own.

Now Andover has joined the fray, with Andover Fashion Week: The Best of the Andovers.

The organizer of the event is Clara Tompkins of Andover, the event planner behind several successful local bridal shows, including the New England Bridal Affair.

Tompkins wanted to put on an event to give back to the community, and her favorite charity, Supportive Care Inc. of Lawrence, a program for victims of domestic violence.

"It takes one person to make a difference — I wanted to do that," said Tompkins, who said she also wanted to give local businesses a boost.

While Tompkins, a well-known local fashionista, is excited about the event, she's even happier to be raising money for Supportive Care Inc., which helps victims of domestic violence regain their financial and emotional independence.
"It's very close to my heart," she said.